Our strategy

Hotelovate develops and represents applications (apps) and technology to make life easier, simpler and more enjoyable for the traveller as well as meeting the challenges hotel owners are facing today!

Travellers strong demand for a mobile innovative experience is here to stay and increasing each year. 

Hotels, Spa's, Restaurants needs to adjust to clients and employees’ behaviours and be savvy enough to take their communication, bookings and planning habits online, to make life easier and much more efficient for the traveller. 


Hotelovate dedicates it’s time to develop, fund, evaluate, strategize and market/expose to the end users’ key applications in the latest technology and innovation for the hospitality industry. 

Our Investments

One Stop Shop for Hotel Supplies



Internal Communication Tool for Hotels

Launch April 2020

One Stop Shop for Hotel Supplies

Launch Q1 2020


One Stop Shop for Hotel Supplies

Launch Q2 2020


Stockholm, Palma, Dubai & Malta

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